MilkMilkLemonade at Empire Stage-LAST CALL & Production Photos

Our five-week run of Joshua Conkel’s new play MilkMilkLemonade closes this weekend.  If you haven’t seen it, you can still redeem yourself by catching one of our four remaining performances (see below).

If you don’t make it in, shame on you for passing up one of the more charming, unique, and hilarious shows around, a show with heart and a hardy message, in a production driven by a really talented cast.  Audience after audience has resoundingly commented on how frank and refreshing this show is.

You can buy tickets online at or reserve tickets by calling 954-678-1496. Schedule is below, followed by production photos.

Double Feature Friday, June 25th, 8pm show – 1 for $15 (Discount code: MEMBER) or 2 for $25 (Discount code: BOGO, only enter ‘1’ ticket)

10pm show – $10 (no code needed)

Richard Viola Photography Exhibit & Post-Show Cocktail Reception w/ Cast

Saturday, June 26th 8pm show – $20 (Discount code: TWENTY)

Last Call, Sunday, June 27th 5pm show – $10 (Discount code: LAST)

All photos below were taken by cast photographer, Richard Viola, of Creative Impressions in Wilton Manors.

Allie Rivenbark, Damian Robinson, Craig Butler, Christina Groom, Scott Douglas Wilson

Allie Rivenbark, Christina Groom, Damian Robinson

Emory's Amazing Ribbon Dance (Damian Robinson)

Nanna (Scott Douglas Wilson) lectures Emory (Damian Robinson)

Linda (Allie Rivenbark) & Emory (Damian Robinson) plot to avoid processing day on the farm

Rochelle (Christina Groom) taunts Linda (Allie Rivenbark)

Elliot (Craig Butler) & Emory (Damian Robinson) play house

Nanna (Scott Douglas Wilson) pays Elliot (Craig Butler) for helping process Linda

Linda (Allie Rivenbark) and Lady in a Leotard (Christina Groom) celebrate Elliot (Craig Butler) and Emory's (Damian Robinson) accomplishments

Nanna (Scott Douglas Wilson) finds a Polynesian-style spear and seeks revenge. Don't worry, this isn't in the script or the production.


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