Some Link Love for Lady Theatre Bloggers

  • On The Art of the Business, a business how-to blog for artists, Rebecca Coleman, has many useful posts up, including this one, “Offline techniques to grow your online presence.”
  • Sabrina Evertt, Artistic Producer of Vancouver’s 20-Something Theatre, recently wrote a great post with advice for auditioning actors.
  • Lynn Gardner, of the Guardian Theatre Blog, investigates “Regional theatre coverage…” in England, which is also a looming issue for the theatre community where I am in South Florida.
  • Alexis Soloski, of the Village Voice, takes on Ruhl’s Passion Play and Callaghan’s Lascivious Something in a combined review.
  • Bella Todd, of the Guardian Theatre Blog, asks “Are we scared of seeing dementia on stage?” Todd writes, “…theatre has by and large chosen to forget the disease of forgetting.” She also wonders if a play about dementia isn’t “innately antitheatrical“; she’s referring here to the matter of trained actors playing parts that require forgetting lines. To me this seems as metatheatrical as antitheatrical.  I’ll admit I have not given specific thought to the presence (or absence) of this topic on the contemporary stage, but I am nonetheless interested in this topic as one aspect of a broader one–the treatment of aging/dying/death in contemporary plays and the practical application of such plays…specifically for hospice patients and their families.
  • Rebecca Zellar, of the GreyZelda Theatre Group of Chicago, on the realities of slim theatre budgets, “Running on Fumes Made of Love.”

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