Immigrant Heritage Week Playwrights’ Salon, 4/20 at the Lark

The week of April 15-21 is Immigrant Heritage Week, and in recognition of this, the Lark Play Development Center is holding several events.  One such event is the Playwrights’ Salon that will take place on Tuesday, April 20th at 7pm.  John Clinton Eisner and David Henry Hwang will be hosting. There will be staged readings of works by the following five playwrights: Maria Alexandria Beech (Venezuela), Colin Greer (UK), Rogelio Martinez (Cuba), Nick Mwaluko (Tanzania), Saviana Stanescu (Romania).

For more information on each play and playwright click here.

Location: 939 Eighth Avenue, Suite 301 (btw 55 & 56), New York, NY 10019

Phone: 212-246-2676


**In the interest of full disclosure, I will be directing a production of Nick Mwaluko’s S/HE this coming November, so I obviously think highly of his writing and can only encourage you to attend if you can.  The new excerpt of S/HE that is receiving a staged reading at the Lark event is really powerful.


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