What kind of cookie do actors occasionally eat?

Wa-wa-waaaaaaaa… Okay, but did you know that the use of word “cameo” to describe a small or occasional acting part only emerged out of the early 20th century?  Well, there you go… Here is a quote to aspire to, but it must be spoken in the stilted upper class accent typical of Hollywood films from the … Continue reading

In NYC and Free on Monday 3/22? Check out Nick Mwaluko’s “S/He”

Since reading and posting about Nick Mwaluko’s play S/He a few weeks ago, I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with him and learning more about his work and upcoming events.  For those of you just tuning in and/or unfamiliar with Nick and his fine work, he is an F to M transgendered playwright. He was … Continue reading

“MilkMilkLemonade” in the Sunshine State

I am really excited to (finally) be able to share one of my current projects with my readers.  I am presently preparing to direct a five week run of Brooklyn based-playwright Joshua Conkel‘s fabulous new play MilkMilkLemonade. MML had its premiere just this past September offoffBroadway at Under St. Marks.  Isaac Butler directed.  Both the script … Continue reading

Play Readings

Play readings seem more popular now than ever.  And, indeed, there are merits to these events. They provide playwrights an opportunity to hear their works-in-progress come to life; they allow companies to do a sort of test run to determine if they want to invest in a full production; they expose theatre goers to more … Continue reading

Ann Marie Healy’s “Dearest Eugenia Price”?

I’m just starting to familiarize myself with Ann Marie Healy’s plays. I have begun with reading Dearest Eugenia Price, a three character play about love  and loss and truth and fiction .  The play is set in the remote Michigan home of Mister Blind Johnny Knoll (MBJK), whose name points to his literal visual impairment.  However, … Continue reading

From Mancakes to Man-eroles: The Dramatic Efforts of Gender Marketing

Once again, the intersections of gender, food preferences, and food marketing take center stage.  Ugh. Back in November, I posted on “Man-eroles (Man Casseroles).”  Today, Schott’s Vocab, a NYT column, discusses the recent masculinization of gourmet cupcakes, or “Mancakes.” On women playwrights Also, check out this and this from the London’s Telegraph about what David … Continue reading

Meet GAN-e-meed Theatre Project

Back on January 28th, I posted an updated list of Women Theatre Bloggers and offered some thoughts on how it might be put to good use, beyond its obvious availability now as online resource.  One of my own goals was to highlight these women and (the organizations they represent) with an ongoing interview series here … Continue reading

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