Transman Comedian Ian Harvie in Melbourne, Australia

While I was in Los Angeles this past week, I had the pleasure of having lunch with Ian Harvie, a transman comedian based in Los Angeles.  Ian started doing standup almost a decade ago after relocating to LA from Portland, Maine.  Margaret Cho recognized his talent early on, and he began opening for her several years ago.  Now Ian has become a headliner comedian himself.  Readers in Melbourne, Australia, be sure to check him out this week, March 31- April 4 (SEE DETAILS BELOW). For now, everyone else can find a sampling of his work on Youtube and on his website


at the


MARCH 31 – APRIL 4, 2010 @ 8:30pm

Gasworks Theater
Gasworks Art Park
21 Graham Street
Albert Park
Melbourne, Vic, AUS


“Parts Sold Separately ”, comedian Ian Harvie’s new solo show, is a wild ride that not only leaves audiences rolling in the aisles but shatters any assumptions they may have had about… anything! Spending an evening with Ian will challenge everything you thought you knew about society, politics, relationships, sex and gender in a hilarious romp through his experiences as a man who just happened to be born female.

Lauded by Frontiers Magazine as “quite possibly the most unique standup comic in the country,” Ian has a facile sense of ease about his gender-bending presence that makes his humor both groundbreaking and easily relatable. It’s this charming quality that led the notorious Margaret Cho to tour with Ian internationally and feature him in her off-Broadway smash hit, The Sensuous Woman. You’ve also seen him on the Logo Network’s One Night Stand Up television series.

With equal parts candor and deadpan humor, Ian’s distinctive, matter-of-fact delivery and almost surreal anecdotes about the intricacies of his exceptional private life are so full of humanity and wit they become universal. Ian’s observations about gender- specific societal codes, privilege, coming out twice, and of course, learning new bathroom etiquette will have you peeing in your pants as well as wanting to check your neighbor’s pants to see what’s inside.

“Parts Sold Separately” will make you think and make you wonder… but more importantly it will leave you laughing.


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