Dramatic Salon Signs

For some time now, I have been wanting to start a new photo post series of Hair Salon Signs because, well, they can be really dramatic.

Everywhere I go I find myself struck by the names of salons, from corny, punny, or cliche ones to just plain odd ones.  Every time I think I couldn’t possibly find one more remarkable than the last, sure enough, another one appears.

Am I alone in my fascination with this?  Are there any salons you have encountered with names that have made you pause and ask why? just why?  And do I really want to be getting my hair cut at a place called ‘x’?  Conversely, are there any salon names that you really like, and if so, why?

I’d hoped to start this series with one sign in particular, but I haven’t been in the area to snap a photo. So instead I give you the one below.

You may be saying to yourself, so what, that sign isn’t very dramatic–as in cheesy, ridiculous, offensive, etc. And to you I’d say, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “hairline”?

“Receding,” right?



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