“MilkMilkLemonade” in the Sunshine State

I am really excited to (finally) be able to share one of my current projects with my readers.  I am presently preparing to direct a five week run of Brooklyn based-playwright Joshua Conkel‘s fabulous new play MilkMilkLemonade. MML had its premiere just this past September offoffBroadway at Under St. Marks.  Isaac Butler directed.  Both the script and the production garnered tremendous and deserving kudos from the press.

MilkMilkLemonade is at once a hilarious, thoughtful, and pointed critique of growing up ‘different’ (queer, a chicken, and so on) in middle America.  If you haven’t read MML, you should, and it’s now officially available for purchase via Playscripts.

If you haven’t seen it (and even if you have), you should bike, walk, jog, drive, fly, or pogo stick your way over to Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale to see our production, which will run Thursday thru Sunday from May 27th to June 27th.

The talented Tillman is already hard at work creating potential designs for this production’s program and publicity materials.  The figures above are his. Aren’t they adorable?

Anyway, I’ll be posting updates here as things continue to unfold, so stay tuned.

3 Responses to ““MilkMilkLemonade” in the Sunshine State”
  1. Josh says:

    That image is WONDERFUL. I want a tattoo of it.

  2. allie says:

    lawdy!! I can’t wait. so happy you’re directing!!

  3. Kevin Johnson says:

    Congrats, Nicole. I hope it goes well!

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