Dramatic Dancers

My parents, siblings, and imaginary fans called me Rose. That was my self-chosen stage name as a child.  I’d stand on the hearth of the fireplace and (try to) sing Crystal Gayle’s “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” or Juice Newton’s “Just Call Me Angel of the Morning” into the microphone that went with our enormous eight-track stereo.  My inspiration?  SOLID GOLD on Saturday nights.  Ahhh, the dramatic smoky entrances, the sparkly costumes, the perms and sweatbands, and the simultaneous solos (were the dancers ever in sync?)… I’d take SG, or my runner up favorite, Puttin’ on the Hits, anytime over American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.  After watching the clips below (of course, I couldn’t pick just one to post), I’m now totally convinced of the true inspiration behind American Apparel’s overall image–the SOLID GOLD Dancers.

I’m long overdue for a post of substance, and I’m irritated with myself for not writing about some plays I’ve read or seen recently. But I’ve honestly been so preoccupied with other theatre-related stuff that my head actually hurts (as in I’ve been taking Excedrin, literally), and I’ve felt too mentally exhausted to write about it all.   And I’m okay with this, I guess, because exciting things are in the works–my new ongoing interview series on Women in the Theatre is officially underway, I’m working to get a new play I feel super passionately about up by the spring, and I’ve picked up where I left off on a comedy I began writing last fall.


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