Benny Hill: Clever, Not Just Cleavage

I can recall many childhood nights that I fell asleep to the sound of my dad snickering over The Benny Hill Show.  On nights that I tried to stall going to bed and went downstairs for a glass of water, I inevitably walked into the den during one of the canned, perverted skits with half clad women, and my mom would give my dad an ear full.  It wasn’t until many years later that I realized there was actually more to the show than just that.

For example, the parody below of avant garde cinema is great.  How true it is that sometimes what appears to be a crafted stroke of genius on stage or screen is, in reality, the result of accident, chance, error, resource limitations, etc.

**And thanks to everyone so far who has contributed to my reading list of 20th and 21st Century Plays about Plays.**

If you know of some additional ones that have not yet been suggested, please add them, and please also briefly gloss what kind of metaplay it is based on the list of possibilities I provided.

One Response to “Benny Hill: Clever, Not Just Cleavage”
  1. Fred Scuttle says:

    You are so right. As an American I don’t get the ‘sexism’ controversy. He made us laugh, and the laughter was always directed at his failures. Frankly, many of the jokes were old, but his unique and surreal take on them are what makes him a comedy great. Too bad the Brits hate him, no wonder they lost their empire.

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