Irish Theatre Links (Updated)

Sorry, more links.  Reconnecting with a friend and classmate from grad school, Kay Martinovich (a former director at Irish Rep in Chicago), has gotten me thinking about how little I’ve been nurturing my love of Irish theatre lately.  So…here are a few more links:

Irish Theatre Magazine Blog. Patrick Lonergan’s 1/24 article raises some good questions, some of which are relevant to recent discussions on US theatre blogs–ie. new plays, the power/impact of name recognition, innovation, audience expectation, etc.

Irish Theatre Institute. Has a great searchable directory of Irish theatre artists, companies, venues, and festivals.

Liam Neeson is trying to raise $1.3 million by June to rebuild the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.

Irish Playwrights and Screenwriters Guild Blog.  This is a great site! Does the linkage for me.  Scroll down right sidebar and check out the links to Irish theatre/film resources online.

In a comment, Autumn also suggested I add a link to Pan Pan Theatre, located in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Below are the Irish theatre/arts related links I posted on Sunday:

  • Curtain Up on a New Theatrical Era.” A piece worth reading about how economic downturn and funding cuts are affecting Irish theatre, non-profits having to think more commercial, etc.  (*In which case, title of next link is perfect–cast a celebrity and market it.)
  • Channing to Play Bracknell in Dublin.” Lynne Parker will direct a new Rough Magic production of The Importance of Being Earnest, with Stockard Channing (of Grease and now The West Wing) as Lady Bracknell. The show will open in June at The Gaiety in Dublin.
  • Rough Magic is a fantastic independent theatre company based in Dublin.
  • Pursued by a Bear.” Fiona McCann’s Arts and Culture Blog for the Irish Times online. (Love the title–it’s a nod to Shakespeare’s absurd stage direction in The Winter’s Tale)
  • Harold Pinter’s second wife, Antonia Fraser, has just put out a book about their relationship:’Must You Go? My Life With Harold Pinter’. Here’s a lengthy piece about the two in The Irish Independent .

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