‘Woman to Woman,’ Do You Write about Theatre?

Today on The Guardian‘s theatre blog, Noises Off, Chris Wilkinson acknowledges Drama Daily’s (still growing) list of Women Theatre Bloggers.  Check out his post: “Hands Up for Women in Theatre.” Hopefully, other women who write about theatre will read Chris’s post and identify themselves so that I can make the list as comprehensive as possible before posting a revised version.

A few months ago at a thrift store, I found myself lured by the cover of Eugenia Price’s Woman to Woman (1960).  The book, which underwent several reprints, was touted as “A classic inspirational guide to coping with today’s complex world.” What I found between its covers was much less enchanting–depressing, in fact–than the cover itself: she basically uses the Bible as a way to condone and glorify women’s subordination to men.  As far as I’m concerned, her book now belongs on Alan Scherstuhl’s Village Voice blog, “Studies in Crap.” Price was a fairly prolific mid-century writer of Christian books for women, and her publisher, Zondervan, still thrives today with books, such as Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

Fortunately, even the most devout women today have come a long way since Price’s day, thanks to less silence and more conversation and questioning of the origins of our beliefs and social norms.

So talk to me woman to woman, do you write about theatre?

2 Responses to “‘Woman to Woman,’ Do You Write about Theatre?”
  1. RLewis says:

    I made sure to get your women bloggers post into the write-up of a social media session at the recent Devoted & Disgruntled conference (they were going to put together a list of theater bloggers). There were more women than men at the conference, but I couldn’t tell if any were bloggers.

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