Dramatic License Plates, etc.

This is really a pathetic way to start up posting again after a few hectic days that precluded me doing so, but here it is: a license plate from sunny Florida.   The person who drove the Hummer that bore this license plate had clearly done many reps at the gym. 

Aaah…if only I had snapshots of the many other interesting license plates I have seen through the years.  Every time I spot a new one, I ask why? Just why?  Like the one I saw that said: “2 COOL 4 u”.  Why?   I also then wonder, if I were going to get a personalized license plate (or if in some wacko scenario I were forced to get one), what would it say?  THEATRE? SCENE? Ugh. WRD NERD? Bigger ugh.

A follow-up post to “Women Theatre Bloggers” will be up in the next week or so.  I’m still hoping to identify the women blogging about theatre in England,Ireland, and elsewhere aborad.  A big thank you to those who have contributed to the list!  Especially to Simon at The Next Stage and Isaac at Parabasis for helping spread the word about my query.


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