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  1. I think the list shouldn’t be based so much on whether or not they get paid to blog, but on whether their blog inspires a debate on the ideas it offers, or informs you in some significant manner.

  2. Hey Nicole, great post, happy to add to the list. Hello from Canada, we’ve got…

    Rebecca: http://artofthebiz.wordpress.com/

    Nancy: http://nancyjkenny.wordpress.com/

    Lois: http://www.loisbackstage.com/

    Sabrina: http://twentysomethingtheatre.blogspot.com/

    MK: http://onebigumbrella.blogspot.com/

    Megan: http://www.mooneyontheatre.com/

    Jessica: http://jessicaruano.wordpress.com/

    Catherine: http://playanon.blogspot.com/

    …and for their companies:

    Nicole: http://blog.artsclub.com/

    and Emma: http://pitheatre.com/blog/

    Jess is in Chicago, but she’s an honorary Canadian: http://violenceofarticulation.blogspot.com/

    Thanks for the new additions to my own blogroll!


  3. Thanks for the list. Is it worth pointing out that I blog from Australia, where there are quite a number of interesting woman theatre bloggers? And that I also review for the national daily here?

  4. CL, I agree completely with you.

    As a related but slight digression, the days of conventional journalism/commentary vs. the blogosphere are long gone. It’s interesting to see how mainstream media and blogging are merging…with so many papers and magazines in print now, not just online, but also with blog components, it’s all getting even grayer. Given the fact that online articles/columns have comments just like blog posts do, it seems most writers have become bloggers, too, whether by conscious choice or default. What I actually am most surprised by these days is the writers/critics I come across who DO NOT blog yet.

    Thanks for the links…I’ve checked them out, and they’re great!

    Please do share the names of Australian women theatre bloggers you know. I’d love to make this list as comprehensive as possible. It’s one small step towards shedding positive light on what women in theatre are saying and doing, given the bleaker findings of several studies last year, along with Marsha Norman’s Nov. ’09 article in “American Theatre” magazine on gender inequity in the industry.

  5. A big thank you to Simon for adding me to that list. I didn’t realize there was an actual Independent Theatre Blogger Association.

  6. The print media/ electronic divide has always been fuzzy in Australian arts blogging, because a great number of performing arts bloggers review professionally as well.

    As for the blogs: ak and ye shall receive!

    Jana Perkovic Guerilla Semiotics
    Cluster Joanna Erskine Cluster
    Augusta Supple
    Chloe Smethurst Dance Out There
    Katherine Lyall-Watson Brisbane Performing Arts blog
    Anne-Marie Peard Sometimes Melbourne
    A collective of Tasmanian women run Write Response

  7. Alison, thanks for adding the Australians!

    There are, indeed, lots of women in theatre getting their blog on… exciting stuff…

    English, Irish, Scotch, Dutch, French,etc… women theatre bloggers…if you are out there…make yourself known…

  8. Jenn Zuko, pirate, theatre and fight choreography teacher: http://bonzuko.com/

    And RVCBard, “a Black woman and HBCU graduate too close to thirtysomething for her own comfort. Playwright, web marketing strategist, and sometime film and theater reviewer, RVCBard identifies as a lot of things: queer, Black, Jewish, woman, and more. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, she now lives in Brooklyn.”

  9. Thanks for putting this list together; it’s most helpful and informative. To avoid potential conflicts, I don’t write about theater on my personal blog, The Determined Dilettante, though I do link to all the reviews I write at the New York Post. My Post blog often includes reviews that didn’t make it to print for various reasons (most recently, “Versus — In the Jungle of Cities” at the Public Theater). I can only encourage writers at “mainstream” publications to blog, and I myself welcome feedback and debates. Bring it on!

  10. I’m also a theatre blogger based in Australia. My blog Groundling is theatre-related tho’ seasoned with tips on using digital technology. Drop by and say hello. http://katefoy.com

    Are you planning on updating your post to reflect the additions in comments? Cheers!

    1. Kate,

      Thanks for adding your blog to the list! I do, indeed, plan to post an updated list soon…just holding out a little longer to track down some women in the England, Ireland, etc…


  11. I’m a blogger based in Australia who writes about non-exclusively about theatre in Melbourne – along with everything else that’s HOT or NOT in Melbourne. Please come and have a look – to check out theatre reviews just click on the relevant category.

    Cheers Jetsetting Joyce

  12. Thank you so much for the mention of my Cabinet and for this wonderful list. I would just like to point out though that my old friend Kelly McAllister is a man playwright/blogger.

  13. Me! I’ve run a Broadway musical web site for the past 10 years and this last spring launched a blog to satisfy growing requests for daily coverage of news and gossip. I’m under consideration for the ITBA, but haven’t reached that one year mark yet… Check it out: broadwaymusicalblog.com

  14. Thank you for the mention of my blog!

    There’s a real lack of female bloggers in Chicago. I can only think of three, including myself.

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