Thank you to George Hunka for this post over at Superfluities Redux, which directs our attention to an interview of Sarah Kane by Dan Rebellato (Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London). This 65-minute interview from November 3, 1998 was likely her last interview before her death in February 1999.  Just a reminder to South Floridians that Kane’s first play, Blasted, will be running at GableStage from February 20-March 21, 2010.

Concert to Benefit Women’s Project Theater Company,” a brief NYT piece from 12/22 that provides info on WP’s upcoming fundraiser. Individual tickets are $550, prohibitively expensive for most.  The NEA recently cut WP’s $20K grant for the Playwrights Lab, so I imagine this raises the stakes for this year’s benefit.

From ‘Vibrator’ to ‘Cougar Town,’ It’s Still A Man’s World,” a NYT piece from 12/18/09 that suggests (like so many other articles lately) that women’s status– in reality and in representation– has not actually improved as much as we might think.  I’ve posted recently on the frequency of on-stage nudity, and in this piece Patricia Cohen asks Sarah Ruhl directly about her decision to have Dr. Givings (the lead male role in In the Next Room, currently running at the Lyceum) strip naked at the end of the play.  Ruhl’s response suggests she did so not just because it worked as a literal metaphor for the character’s newfound vulnerability, but also because it would help redress an imbalance, by shifting the gaze to female.


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