Links,etc-Women in the Arts, Sexy Titles, TV’s at the Pump!


Women in the Arts

This lengthy film article, “Women in the Seat but Not behind the Camera,” by Manohla Dargis in yesterday’s NYT is the film complement to Marsha Norman’s recent piece, “Not There Yet,” in American Theatre magazine.  Both articles convey pretty grim portraits about the so called progress of women in these two fields.  Here’s just one of many disturbing realities Dargis points out: “Of the almost 600 new movies that will be reviewed in The New York Times by the end of 2009, about 60 were directed by women, or 10 percent.”

Beware Sexy Titles

In this NYT article, “Come on Santa, Put Your Clothes Back On,” Neil Genzlinger surveys the surplus of holiday-themed plays currently running in New York City and reminds us that plays with sexy titles rarely deliver in content, a subject I’ve reflected on recently here.

TV’s at the Pump

Thank goodness we can watch the news at the pump and distract ourselves from the cost of gas and the noxious fumes we inhale while we refuel.  This is yet another stark indicator of just how gluttonous our world has become…


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