More Hints to Name that Play

Tiger’s Wo[r]ds and Name that Play: A New Drama, Daily Feature

Tiger Woods has just admitted publicly to his sordid string of infidelities. I just finished reading a Humana Festival 2008 play (hint hint) that contained the following somewhat apropos line (though we will have to wait and see what Elin Nordegren decides to do):

“No one respects a woman who forgives infidelity. It kept Hillary Clinton from becoming president.”

UPDATE Here’s a second hint: the play title is a female eponym.

UPDATE Here’s a third hint: the play was written by a woman.

UPDATE Here’s a fourth hint: the play is set in MA and RI.

FINAL UPDATE Here’s a fifth hint: the playwright’s first and last initials are GG.

Come on New Yorkers…

Play to be revealed tomorrow…maybe…

One Response to “More Hints to Name that Play”
  1. A. Acevedo says:

    Becky Shaw by Gina Gionfriddo

    BTW – Great blog!

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