Man-erole (Man Casserole)

Are you familiar with the recipe for “Man-erole”?

Who eats this exactly? Someone who says “Get ‘er done” and means it?

Metrosexuals, stay-home dads, dads who change diapers and drive carpool and, perhaps, even help pick out paint colors or cook meals … don’t have a prayer at resetting perceptions of (straight) masculinity when cards like the gem below still get written and mass printed…

The best part is the man on the card, posed like ‘the thinker,’ looks far too fit and fabulous to eat this hypermasculine heart attack-inducing meal. Perhaps, that’s why he is clutching his chin in bewilderment: He really wants a salad with lite dressing.

I DO have a sense of humor, but this stale card makes me want to fast or write a recipe in response, something.  Do we do gender or does gender really still do us (and screw us and just plain screw us up)?


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