Colon Blow, Rebeck’s “Bad Dates” gets bad reviews, “Doll’s House.”

Colon Blow

My sister was diagnosed with end-stage colon cancer at age 42; she was a slim non-smoker with no family history.  Colon cancer is no longer just a geriatric disease!  Ginger endured countless surgeries and chemo regimens before succumbing to the illness last October.  I don’t know how she fought so hard for 5 1/2 years. I’ve written about my sister and this experience here and here.

My pre-existing hypochondria was grossly heightened by witnessing my sister’s cancer saga.  So to honor the anniversary of her death and to deflate some of my own lingering anxiety, I underwent a colonoscopy yesterday.  All went well.  Must keep eating bran.

One of the last things my sister and I did together, when her mind was still lucid, was watch SNL.  We had done this together for decades. Only the last occasion took place in a Hospice bedroom.  I laid in the bed adjacent to hers and cried quietly to myself in the dark, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

My sister had a fantastic sense of humor, a smile and a laugh that could lift spirits higher than Houdini could levitate bodies. She was magical.  And she was not above a good old BM joke.  In Sunday’s post I shared this recent SNL skit, “Rear Window” with January Jones and Jason Sudeikis.

Now I give you “Colon Blow” with Phil Hartman.

May Ginger and Phil rest in peace.

Rebeck’s Bad Dates

This past Sunday I posted my thoughts on a production of Theresa Rebeck’s Bad Dates, which opened last Thursday and runs through the first week of December at the Straz Center in Tampa.  I have updated the post to include reviews from the St. Pete Times and the Tampa Tribune, both of which echo my review of the show.  Our disappointment seems to lie with the script, not the direction, acting, or set design.

Ibsen’s A Doll’s House at Palm Beach Dramaworks

Tonight I am finally getting a chance to see Dramawork’s reprisal of this classic. The production closes this coming Sunday 11/30.  Look for my ‘last-minute’ review of it up tomorrow.  I’ve never seen this play staged before, but I have read it several times along with reviews of various productions through the years.  While the play gets revived often all over the globe, reviewers chronically have complained about how outdated the play is, with the implication being that sexism such as Nora faces no longer poses a problem. That it’s old news. That everyone today is so enlightened and that things are so much better.  Who cares if there is not total gender ‘equality,’ be thankful things are better than they used to be.

Complacency sucks.

One Response to “Colon Blow, Rebeck’s “Bad Dates” gets bad reviews, “Doll’s House.””
  1. Tillman says:

    Colon Blow, LOL… We don’t realize how concerned people are about regular BMs until the concept is BLOWN out of proportion like that. Glad you can remember the good times and make the best of your sister. Things change once you change the way you look at things. Rebeck’s play, on the other hand, is obviously unsalvageable, beyond remedy.

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