The Theatrosphere: Enter with Caution?

The Theatrosphere: Enter with Caution??

There have been a lot of interesting conversations going on in the theatrosphere in the past few days….99 seats yesterday on “Why people hate blogs“…. he links to this piece, “Beware the Talkwrite Gossip!” at the Mirror up to Nature blog … and this piece, “Theatrosphere’s TalkWriting,” at the Rat Sass blog.

The Rat Sass post is actually the one to read first; it takes issue with allegedly unsourced, derogatory claims made by two members of the Dramatists Guild about the ethics of the O’Neill Theater Center’s submission/acceptance process for their National Playwrights Conference.

These posts are interesting to read given the fact that the theatrosphere just weeks ago was critiquing the ethics of theatre critics, the paid ones, the “real” ones. Now theatre bloggers are critiquing, calling out, policing each other.  And this is a good thing.  Unchecked, unresearched opining masquerading as “TRUTH” is not okay, ever.


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