The Independent Theater Bloggers Association

The Independent Theater Bloggers Association

I have been reading, researching, and writing about plays and plays in performance for more than a decade now.  I recognized long ago that this placed me in a seemingly shrinking minority , of passionate, and often but not always, pedantic and penurious folks.  However, creating this blog, Drama Daily, has changed entirely my perspective on the well being of theatre and theatre commentary in the US and UK: if the blogosphere is an apt barometer,(and I believe it is) both are thriving, not diminishing.  My own blogging has compelled me to find other theater writers on the Web, and I have gradually unearthed a slew of highly opinionated, quirky, and talented individuals who form the Drama Blogroll to the right of the screen. This morning while reading another theatre blog, I noticed a link to The Independent Theater Bloggers Association (ITBA), established just this year as a sort of home base on the Web for theater bloggers.  While I have enjoyed my hunt for theater voices online, I am excited to know a network and resource such as the ITBA now exists.

2 Responses to “The Independent Theater Bloggers Association”
  1. Tillman says:

    I swear there are websites for everything nowadays; even topics that are so narrow and right up your alley… you must fish for hours and days on end, but they’re there. I imagine you rummaged tirelessly for this one 🙂

  2. nstodard says:

    Ha, actually, if you just read a little each day, eventually you stumble upon a gem.

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