Maureen Dowd dowdy?

Maureen Dowd dowdy?

It’s been a decade since Maureen Down received a Pulitzer Prize for her columns on the Clinton impeachment and four years since she published her book on sexual politics entitled Are Men Necessary?: When Sexes Collide, so she’s due for another career milestone, unless, of course, you count the buzz she caused recently when she plagiarized lines from a political blog.  Because I have only been following her columns for the past two years, I am now starting to read backwards, investigating some of her earlier writing in an effort to decide if I love her or hate her and if her commentary is getting better or worse.  

Check out this NPR interview of her from Nov. 9, 2005 when Are Men Necessary? was first released. I had never heard her speaking voice until listening to this.  She sounds painfully similar to Lilith, Frasier’s wife on Cheers.  I was struck by a few comments by Dowd during the interview.  At least twice, she claims she is not “naturally” cut out for the type of commentary she writes and that she would prefer to be doing more private, discreet writing. Sorry, but I don’t buy it.  To me these comments sound more like an attempt by Dowd to temper her feisty and fearless editorial persona or make peace with disapproving readers. But I’m still convinced that Maureen and her satirist mask are inextricable. What do you think? And what would papa Wilde think of her attempt to expose her true self as Dowd the dowdy, not Maureen the modern misantrhope?


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