Anon by Kate Robin

Anon by Kate Robin

At long last, Anon. I thought I would never get to this introductory post on Kate Robin’s play about sex, intimacy, addiction, and disfunction.  Robin is the author of nearly ten plays and two screenplays and wrote several episodes of Six Feet Under.  

Anon takes us into the lives of two couples: thirtysomethings, Trip and Allison; and Trip’s parents, Bert and Rachelle.  The play is comprised of two acts, with twelve scenes in total. Interspersed between scenes are ten monologues, which Robin calls “Qualifications.”   By three quarters of the way into the play, we learn that the women or “Qualifiers” who deliver these are members of the same support group for women coping with a sexual problem as a result of a man in their life: for example, Pamela’s husband has pedophile fantasies, Corinne’s husband was arrested for indecent exposure in a public park, and Mary’s father sexually abused her.  By the end of the play, Allison, the leading female character, has become a member of the group, and we, the reader/audience, depending on the circumstances of our own lives, are left either to commiserate with these women or to be grateful we are not one of them.

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A few online resources:

Playbill blurb on Anon when it premiered off-Broadway in Jan. 2007 at the Atlantic Theatre Company.

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One Response to “Anon by Kate Robin”
  1. Erika says:

    Very intriguing. Wish I wasn’t smack dab in the middle of a Joyce Carol Oates. I’ll put this on my “To Read” list.

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